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We have transmitter towers across the state so most people can get our channel over the air, but one of our towers had a part break and we’ve been getting calls from viewers about not receiving our signal

Me: I’m sorry, it sounds like you’re getting your signal from our Lexington tower, which has malfunctioned. We have ordered the replacement parts and don’t expect to get them in until next Tuesday.

Caller: You mean your channel is off the air for more than a week and you’re not going to do anything about it?

Me: It’s just that the tower in Lexington had a part break and they have to wait for the new parts to come in after Christmas.

Caller: I don’t know why you keep saying it’s in Lexington, that tower is in Atlanta! Atlanta, Nebraska!

Me: I’m sorry sir, I haven’t visited all our towers, all I know is that they call the KLNE tower the Lexington tower.

Caller: I bet you haven’t. Have you even been farther than Omaha? (an hour away from where I am)

Me: (stunned) Yes, sir, I have. You know what I’m not in the Tech department I was just letting you know what information we had, let me find a Tech for you to talk to.

Caller: Yeah and then you transfer me and no one will be there and you hope I won’t call you back.

Me: I’ll make sure Linda is there before I hit transfer, just a moment. (She was there and was just delighted to talk to such a friendly person)

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