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, | Unfiltered | February 1, 2018

(So one day I was out with my mom at a store where the employees wear red shirts and khakis, keep in mind I’m wearing tan cargo pants, combat boots, a black shirt and a ball cap, this happened while I was walking to the bathroom)
Lady/Coustumer: Excuse me?
Me:(not paying attention)
Lady/Coustumer: Excuse me do you work here
Me:(doesn’t answer since I assume she’s talking to someone else)
Me:(still not paying attention)
Lady/Coustumer: I SAID DO YOU WORK HERE(shouting in my face)
Me:(taking a minute to figure out why I’m getting yelled at when I look nothing like an employee)
Lady: your customer service skills are terrible I’m gonna get you fired!
Me: I don’t even work here
Lady:well f**k you( walks away)