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(I’ve worked in retail for a few years and have only had this happen once.)

Me: *after handing the guest her change* Receipt is in the bag, have a good day!

Guest: Wait, what is this? *holds up a buffalo nickel, which is just a nickel with a buffalo on the back rather than a president*

Me: It’s a nickel.

Guest: But it has a buffalo on it, it’s not a real nickel!

Me: It’s definitely a real nickel, I can assure you that.

Guest: No, I don’t think it is. I want another nickel, other stores won’t accept this!

Me: Other stores will accept it, it’s a real nickel.

Guest: *shaking her head* They won’t take it, can I just have another?

Me: *opens my register to switch her apparently fake buffalo nickel with another nickel*

Guest: Thanks!

(Later I told my manager about it and he couldn’t believe that a grown woman had never seen a buffalo nickel before and refused to believe it was real.)

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