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| Unfiltered | January 31, 2018

I work at a restaurant that has a huge menu, and the chef will even prepare most requests that aren’t on the menu. We are always happy to accommodate guests special requests and dietary needs, but sometimes it’s hard to accommodate stupid. So a lady comes in who is known for being a pain. She orders a Salmon Florentine with no seasoning. No problem. The chef leaves off the parsley and house seasoning blend. She complains to the waitress that it had “seasoning”. The waitress tells her it is Parmesan cheese. Then the lady starts going on about how Parmesan doesn’t belong in Italian food. Although it’s a main ingredient in Alfredo sauce. She keeps on and on, and the chef is panicking because he doesn’t know what to make. How do you make Alfredo with no Parmesan?! He ended up tossing noodles in butter and garlic, and she was so smug about her “proper Alfredo” finally being right when she got it.

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