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(Before I started at my current job, I was at a chain fast food place. I was doing register for drive thru and dine in, and this morning, it was right after open. My co worker, who was working drive thru at the time, was on break hence me doing drive thru and dine in registers. When in the drive thru line, there is a screen outside that shows what I put into the register so that you can check to make sure everything is correct on the order. This occurred five minutes after she went on break.)

Me:Good morning, how are you?

Customer:I’m fine. I’d like *proceeds to call off her order and I’m typing it in as quickly as she’s saying it*

Me:Alright, ma’am…will that be all for you this morning?

Customer:I believe so…

Me:Is everything correct on your screen?

Customer:Looks about right!

I give her her total and ask her to pull around to the second window, which she does. I have her drinks ready for the three meals she ordered, and have them in a cup holder by the time she got to the window. At the window, the following happens.

Me:Good morning! Your total again is *total*, and here are your drinks!

Customer gives me a card, so I swipe that and give her her card, her receipt, and her cup holder with her drinks.

Customer:I’m missing a drink.

Me:Oh? I’m sorry about that…

At this point, I look at the screen to see exactly what she ordered, and all the drinks are accounted for.

Me:It looks like I made all of your drinks. I can go ahead and add another drink on if you’d like?

Customer:*now yelling* Look, I ordered four g****** meals for breakfast, I need another drink!

Me:Okay ma’am, since that was my mistake, I can go ahead and make you another drink, what flavor would you like? *grabs a medium cup*

Customer:*still yelling* You d*** well know I want a large drink! Where’s your manager?

Before I can respond, my manager is at the window and I take a small step back

Manager:What seems to be the problem?

Customer:I ordered four meals and she only gave me three drinks!

Manager:I’m sorry about that…it looks like she only rung up three meals…did she happen to ask if everything was correct on your screen?

Now, my manager knew I asked as she also had a headset on and therefore heard the entire ordering process between me and said customer.

Customer:*now very annoyed* Oh, so sarcastic! YES, she asked and everything was right on the screen! Don’t ask stupid questions!

Manager:Ma’am, since she asked and you said everything was right on the screen, it was not my employee at fault. What other drink did you have?

Customer:Oh f*** you! Just give me my other drink!

Manager:*now annoyed* Ma’am, that’s what I’m trying to do. What kind of drink did you have and I’ll go ahead and fix your order, no charge.

Customer:Lists off drinks and while not as loud, still clearly upset, and drives off when my manager gave her the items the customer said was correct, though didn’t bother to properly read the screen

(The whole ordeal lasted about 5 minutes, and my manager assured me that I did things right and was proud of me for keeping calm while she was yelling at me. I didn’t get in trouble, as I had taken all necessary measurements to make sure the order was correct, even though the lady got a free drink and hash brown)

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