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(I am outside putting rubbish into the skip bins when a coworker comes outside.)

Coworker “(My name), it’s after 5.30”

Me “Oh is it? Have you closed the door?’

Coworker “You need to come in, it’s not safe being out here when it’s getting dark”

Me “I’ll be in in a moment, just check the store for customers”

Coworker “There’s still 2, I’ve told them we are closed, I’ll let them know again”.

I finish up and head inside to grab some more rubbish, I go into the store with the intention of telling her to leave but as I enter I notice a man and his daughter crouching behind a table.

Me “Excuse me, the store’s closed, can I help you?”

Customer *grabbing at roll of curtaining “Oh we are after curtains, you got more of this?”

Me “All that we have is on that table, you need to excuse me I need to shut the dock door” * I head out to shut the door and lock it. They still haven’t budged when I come back, the daughter looks sullen.

The customer starts haranguing me about curtains, wanting a particular style in a specific colour, then complaining when I say they don’t come in that colour. Then he starts on the price. I end up telling him that we are having a sale soon on very similar curtains going for very cheap.

Him “Why can’t I get the curtains now at that price?’

Me “They haven’t been delivered yet”

There was more whinging, bullying by the customer before I finally get him to the front of the store and get them to leave.

Coworker “Where were they? I told them three times that we were closed and thought they left when I couldn’t find them again.”

Me “They knew you were looking for them, I found them hiding from you, they didn’t expect me to come from behind them.”

I have no idea what their plans were but was glad to get rid of them.