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(The customer I have been helping and checking out has been having a rough day and is getting confused pretty easily due to lack of sleep/energy, so I slow down to keep her from getting too confused. I also talk with her, as is part of my job. Once she leaves and before I could even ask how the next customer is doing:)

Customer: “Could you hurry it up? You spend more time talking than checking people out.”

(This guy came in a few weeks previous to buy the exact same thing and said the exact same thing the last time. I begin silently fuming and quickly check out his groceries without speaking or looking at him. I do it in less than a minute and go to the total screen, where we wait for nearly twenty seconds as he stands there looking at the computer screen.)

Me: “It’s asking you another question on the pin pad.”

Customer: “Oh, goodness! Here I am getting after you for going too slow while I’m standing here like an ignoramus!”

Me: *hands him the receipt* “Have a good day.”