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( I have worked for this company for a full summer as a way to make money to help pay for University. One of the Bosses is an almost 70 year old man that does as much work as he can at his age and is very easy to get along with, however the other is just a boss and someone that likes to do things her way without thinking of others. On this particular day I have been send mowing, which I have done since I was 12 with my family and absolutely hate. My coworker and i are at a residence and just as we are finishing up I get a call)

Female Boss: Hello, are you still at [First Property]?

Me: Yes, we were just about to finish up actually and take off, why what’s up?

Female Boss: I just got a call wondering if we would be able to go mow a lawn for the first time this year. I’ll send you the directions.

(It was already June which meant that the grass had been growing for approximately 6 weeks, causing it to be very long. As my co-worker and I come to the property, we notice that the grass is out of control. Luckily we have a very good ride on mower called a Z-trak, and a heavy duty whipper snipper, but still it will take awhile to do. After we finish mowing we have to rake, which takes as long as the mowing itself. Once we are finished we load up the machines, but before we can leave the woman who owns the house runs out.)

Home Owner: Thank you so much for this, my husband is a fisherman and I usually have to mow the whole lawn myself with just a push mower but it was broken and we just got it fixed. Without you guys it would have taken me days to mow this.

Co-worker: It was not a problem, it’s our job!

Home Owner: Well I appreciate it, here take this.

(She hands us both a bottle of water and $5 as a tip. We refuse but she insists. Even though i hate mowing it is people like her that make it bearable, and thanks to her $5 I was able to buy an energy drink which always makes my day easier!)

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