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(The campus I work at has a cash machine in the cafeteria. It sometimes rejects cards if they’re not held in long enough saying ‘Card Removed Prematurely’, but if you have the knack it works fine. I help folks out if i’m nearby and see someone having trouble with it. In this instance a man keeps having his card rejected.)

Man: This machine is broken, it won’t accept my card.

Me: When it asks for your card, hold it in until you hear the card slot click. That means it has your card held in properly. If you don’t, your card won’t sit in the slot right and the machine can’t read it.

Man: That’s ridiculous. I’m a wizard with all kinds of computers and i can tell you that won’t work.

Me: Humor me.

(At this point quite a large queue has built up behind him)

Man: No, I’ve not got time to waste waiting for this thing to reject my card again. I’m telling you as someone who manages hundreds of PCs that it won’t work.

Me: Then step aside and let someone else try.

(He does, and the next person steps up. He does however stay in the vicinity despite ‘not having the time’, my guess is to laugh at me when i’m proven wrong. Knowing this campus quite well I ask him about these computers he manages.)

Me: So where on campus do you work then?

Man: Oh, over there.

(He points in a vague direction, at pretty much the rest of the campus. The campus has building numbers, so he could have just given that. Meanwhile the guy using the cash machine after him is having the same trouble, so i interject.)

Me: When it asks for your card, hold it in until you hear the card slot click. Trust me, it WILL work.

(This man follows my advice and lo and behold, it reads his card perfectly. The first guy isn’t happy)


(The queue is shocked at his outburst, and the guy who just followed my advice thanks me.)

Man 2: Some folks just don’t know how to take advice.

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