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(Lady comes in after having trouble with her card at the pump.)

Lady: Excuse me, I think there’s something wrong with your pump, it won’t take my card. Can I pre-pay?

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to pre-pay gas on a credit card. But if you want, you can leave the card here and I can turn the pump on for you.

Lady: Okay.

(She hands me the card. I notice that its a gas credit card for a different gas station.)

Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry but we don’t take these cards here. Do you-

Lady: But its a MasterCard.

Me: Yes, but it’s from [other company].

Lady: But its a MASTER. CARD. Everyone takes MasterCard!

Me: Yes, we accept MasterCard, but this card was issued by [other company]. This a [my company] station. It won’t work.

(She looks outside and STARES at our sign.)

Lady: Oh…. OH! Well no wonder!

(Takes back the first card and hands me one that’s from our company.)

Me: That’s better… (I turn on the pump for her.)

Lady: I just thought MasterCard meant you could use it anywhere!