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| Unfiltered | January 25, 2018

Me: Good afternoon would you like any help packing
Customer: Oh I don’t believe this
Me: Is there a problem, can I help?
Customer: I had a coupon for £2.45 just here a moment ago and now I cannot find it

(I proceed to check on the floor around my checkout – I am unable to find the coupon)

Me: I’m sorry I can’t see it anywhere
Customer: Well this is just ridiculous!

(the customer proceeds to look under things she had placed down and rummage through her purse – I noticed she has a piece of paper screwed up in her hand)

Me: You have some paper in your hand, could that be it?
Customer: No I put it down here

(She then unscrews the paper and bingo it’s the coupon!)

Customer: Oh, well don’t forget to scan the coupon

(After I scan her shopping, I scan her small mountain of other coupons, making sure her £2.45 is the 1st coupon I scan)

Me: That will be £11.24 all together please
Customer: You scanned my coupon?
Me: I sure did

(I complete the transaction)

Customer: Where does it say you scanned my coupon?
Me: Just under the total, it is the first coupon I scanned.

(Customer appears happy and walks off, only to stomp back a couple of minutes later)

Customer: WHERE does it say you scanned my coupon?!
Me: Just under the total, Would you like me to circle it for you?

(She thrusts the receipt at me, I circle the coupon and hand it back)

Me: Here we are, Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

(I start serving the next customer)

Me: I didn’t sound rude to that customer then did I?
Customer 2: Not at all, I would have been though, silly woman!

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