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An old man that had no reservation and was a walk in comes to the front desk to check out.

Customer “I won’t be staying at this hotel in the future.”

Me “I’m sorry to hear that sir. What was the problem and how can I correct it?”

Customer “I changed rooms 3 times at check in and in every room my testicles fell into the water when I sat on the toilet. I specifically asked for a handicap room so this wouldn’t happen.”

Me ” I’m sorry to hear that but our hotel only has 2 handicap rooms and those rooms were booked before you arrived last night. When you checked in, did the staff tell you that the handicap rooms were full?”

Customer “Yeah, they told me but I figured you would have at least one room where this wouldn’t happen. I want my money back.”

Me “I’m sorry about the problem, would 20% off your stay work for you?”

Customer “Do you think 20% is fair after my testicles fell into the toilet water in 3 different rooms?”

Me “Sir, the highest discount I can give is 50% without manager approval and he won’t be in for a few hours. Would that satisfy you?”

Customer “Don’t worry about it, I’ll call corporate and get my full refund.”

Me “I’m sorry I couldn’t resolve your problem, have a nice day.”

Customer “Huff”

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