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(I work at a popular game store and I know a ton about Xbox games, mainly Mass Effect. My manager is in the back and a customer walks in and grabs a game off the shelf. it should be noted that I am female and have a Mass Effect T-shirt on and I’m wearing Renegade earrings)

Customer: (has his game and is waiting at the other, empty register)
Me: I can check you out here, sir. My manager is in the back on a phone call.
Customer: I want HIM to check me out, not some dumb girl! I’ve been waiting for this game for weeks!
Me: well, this “dumb girl” can get you out of here in two minutes, whereas my manager won’t be back for another 20.
Customer: FINE (throws the game on the counter)
Customer: (as I’m ringing him up) I don’t see why they hire GIRLS here, they don’t play video games! Video games are for men! Why hire someone who doesn’t know anything about the games? I’m sure you just wear that shirt so you can look cool and try to fit in. (rambles on and on about how video games are “just for guys” and how girls “ruin” them)
Me: (bags up his game) I hope you enjoy it sir!
Customer: Whatever, you’ve probably never even played it.
Me: (as I hand it to him, smiling) By the way, ***** dies on Tuchanka.
Customer: (face fumes red and he storms out of the store)
Me: Have a nice day!
Customer: F*** YOU
(Best part, my manager laughed and spoiled the same customers next game too for being rude to another female employee)

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