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| Unfiltered | January 22, 2018

My mom relates this story to me after she gets home from work.

At her company, she works in an office with about four cubicles and two offices were the managers. [Manager #1] came in, said ‘good morning’ and, when he didn’t receive a response, walked to a workers cubicle, leaned close and said ‘GOOD MORNING’. The worker replies ‘I heard you, but I’m busy’ and [Manager #1] stomps into his office and later calls my mother in, who sees HR in there as well.

[Manager #1] insists that the worker should be written up, because he didn’t say good morning.

HR says he’s being ridiculous and that my mother, as the worker’s supervisor, can talk to him about it.

Apparently, [Manager #1] has been told repeatedly not to be involved in my mother’s people’s business, and he essentially has no power to do anything, as he’s just there as the eyes and ears of the mother company, who doesn’t give two hoots about a worker not saying good morning.

My mother had to physically restrain herself from rolling her eyes.

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