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(I’m the manager at a fairly popular frozen yogurt shop. We have a regular customer who comes in all the time who always pays in a fistful of change. This time is no different, she gets her yogurt and pays in a handful of nickels and dimes, literally. She then leaves in a rush. Later that night my coworker tells me that the customer from earlier has come back, claiming that someone has stolen a large amount of cash from her car while at our store. Since I was up at the front the entire time she was there, and she had parked her car right in front of our giant glass wall where I could see it, I knew this wasn’t true. I walk out of the back and see that the customer is waiting for me.)

Customer: “I demand that you roll back the tapes so I can see who took money out of my car!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t review our security tapes here at the store, that’s done at our headquarters downtown. You can call the police and file a report if you’d like.”

Customer: “Just call your boss! I know her! My daughter used to work here!”

(After several minutes of this, I finally call my boss and she tells me that this woman has done this several times before, but that she’ll talk to her anyway. I hand the customer my cell phone and she then speed walks outside with it and starts taking pictures of her car and texting them to my boss, while on the phone with her. After a few minutes of what seems like arguing, she hangs up and brings me my phone back.)

Customer: “I’ll be back later tonight to see the tapes!”

(The customer then storms out. My coworker and I just start laughing. We haven’t seen her since.)

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