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I worked at a credit card customer service center for a while, where we took phone calls from people around the United States.

Me: Thank you for calling [credit card company] how can I help you?

Customer: Well, I am at a very, very upscale store, and your company declined my credit card. I can understand if you declined my card at McDonald’s, but this is a very upscale store in New York, and it’s very embarrassing to have you just decline my purchase like that.

Me: I’m very sorry about that, ma’am, let me just check your account and see what happened.

Me: It looks like we never received the transaction at all. Sometimes the card readers malfunction, or stores have trouble with their systems. Maybe try swiping your card again.

Customer: I don’t think you understand. I am at [name of upscale store]. This is a very nice place and they would NEVER have something like that happen. This is an EXPENSIVE place in Times Square, New York. Do you really think their systems would just *go down*?

Me: Well, we never received any information from them, and it usually comes through automatically. We have no record of declining anything. So….

Customer: Are you f—ing kidding me? Now you’re denying you did anything?! I don’t think you f—ing understand how embarassing this is for me. I’m going to hang up now, and I want you to call this cashier at the front desk here, [name of cashier] and PERSONALLY apologize. The number is [Phone Number]. I want you to let her know that I have money on my card and YOU declined it.

Me: Ma’am, for security purposes I can’t speak to anyone besides you about the nature of your credit card.

Customer: Give me your manager.