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Customer #1: “Hi, I’d like one for [movie].”

Me: “Okay, that will be $15.49 and you’ll be in theatre 24 on the sixth floor.”

(Customer hands me $20 bill.)

Me: “Here is your change.” *counts back so she knows how much she is getting back* “And here is your ticket, for [Movie] in theatre 24 on the sixth floor.

([Customer #2] walks up to coworker on register next to me.)

Customer #2: “Hi, I spoke with [My Name] earlier today about [event].”

([Coworker] is having issues processing event so I tell [Customer #2] that I shall take care of her.)

Customer #1: “Pay attention to me! I asked you what theatre I am going to and why you only gave me back $4.51 in change!”

Me: “You are going to theatre 24 on the sixth floor and I only gave you back $4.51 in change because your movie cost $15.49.”

(This woman’s reaction prompts [Customer #2], coworker, a nearby supervisor, and another customer to all tell me what a b**** that lady was)