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, | Unfiltered | January 16, 2018

(My brother has graduated from high school and is planning to go to a community college to study Water Tech. The summer before he starts school there he goes to a professional occupation counselor and she tells him he would be so much better in IT Tech. My brother switches to the community colleges sister campus that is five miles away from our house. At the old campus he would have gotten a dorm room but then sister campus does not provide housing for students. My dad calls the Community College housing number to refund the $400 deposit he put for my brother’s dorm.)

Dad: “Hi I would like to cancel the housing contract and get a refund because my son is switching to your sister campus.”

Help Support: “I’m sorry you cannot do that because that breach of the contract and we don’t refund for damages.”

Dad: “What? But my son hasn’t even moved in yet. We are entitled to a refund if my son won’t even be living there.”

Help Support: “Excuse me but that’s the rules. Damage, then no refund. I can’t get you the deposit back.”

(This goes on for a while. Eventually my father realizes that he won’t get anywhere with this employee so he asks for the housing district managers office number. The assistant tries to avoid giving him the number and we have to cajole it out of her. The assistant kept referring to the conversation in the first person (I can’t do that for you. My contract policies can’t be breached) My father wasn’t asking for crazy favors just get his money back because my brother wouldn’t be living there anymore. We have yet to get back $400.)

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