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(Our hotel is smack dab in the middle of a very large, very urban city. As such, we don’t have a parking lot, we have a parking garage that runs underneath. A tan man with a thick Southern accent and a straw hat comes up. He has an air of disbelief about him.)

Me: “Yes sir?”

Guest: “Where’re we supposda park?”

Me: *explains* “We have an underground parking lot sir. Did you find it?”

Guest: *blinks* “I found somethin’! An’ yeah I went down in da hole! Is dat where?”

Me: “Hole? Uh, I’ve never heard it called that but I guess it’s something like a hole.”

Guest: “It’s my first time in the city. Ain’t never been! I tell ya, you city slickers are durned strange, parking in holes and having big buildin’s! Neva saw anything like dat! Hoo wee!”

Me: “…”