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(We’re experiencing heavy rain for the first time in over a decade. The hospital I’m working at is understaffed for the flood of patients, and I’m pulling a graveyard ER shift even though I’m a radiologist. A presumably homeless, middle-aged man comes bursting through the ambulance-bay doors; he is drenched from head-to-toe and what I assume to be mud is dripping from his hands.)
Man (shouting loud enough for the whole floor to hear him): The Lord has told me of the endtimes and told me to bury His seed so His world can grow anew! He said I must find Saviors for His new world!
(He approaches me)
Man: You, child, have the Glow of a Savior. Join me in His mighty world!
(Again, I usually don’t deal with crazies; I’m just here to help with the X-rays, MRIs, and CTs)
Me: Uh, sure?
(He grins, displaying rotting teeth and draws a cross on my forehead. A nurse manages to get a syringe to pierce through his coat and administers a sedative)
Man (fading into unconsciousness): Bless you, child.
(The nurses load him onto a gurney and take him to a bed. They check him over and find that he’s fine. Once he’s conscious again, he’s released.)

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