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(Every night we have to clear out the case of all fish and tags. We have to do this early because if we wait too long then we will be there after we close. We also have to put the case doors up which are thick glass that rise between the counter and the shop floor)

ME: Hello Ma’am, is there anything I can help you with?

Customer: You do not signs, I do not know what the prices are?

(Me hoping she is looking for something specific)
Me: Are you looking for a particular fish or something else?

Customer: I am looking for a white fish but I do not know the prices.
(I can barely hear the customer when she talks so I assume she can barely hear me too so I begin to speak louder)
(I go to the scales and find out the prices for the Haddock, Cod, and the grey sole)
ME: The haddock is fresh at $11.99, the Cod is previously frozen for $9.99 and the grey sole is $8.99.

Customer: I want the haddock.

(I got the customer the haddock and weight the fish up.

Customer: whats that on the scale.

(Our scales tend to have debris, when i mean debris i mean there was crumbs left over from the coconut cod that we also sell in our case.)

ME: That is the coco cod that is left on the scale. Would you like me to go to another scale.

Customer: Yes please.
( I go o another scale and weigh the fish up but before I can do anything else)

Customer: May you wash the scale.

(I reply back to her what she just said and she gave me those “Yeah, om my god becky, thats like what i totally said looks”)

(I give the scale to the associate who looks at me funny and i just simply tell him to just wash the scale. He asks if I want to wash the other one but I said no. Through this he understood quickly that it was because of a customer.)

(I go to move to check up on other customers but…)

Customer: What are you doing

Me: I was going to help one of the other customers since we have to wait for the scale to clean.

Customer: No, you are waiting on me.

(I immediatly realized that this B**** was for real, I knew before she finished her sentence that I would be called into the managers office about this soon)

(I waited about five minutes, before the co-worker realized that I needed that scale for the current customer.)

(When I go the scale back i put the fish back on the scale)

Customer: I want another fish

Me: do you still want this fish?

Customer: What do you think?

Me: I do not now (In my head im thinking the katy perry song, Your hot and your cold, your yes and your no)

Customer: I want another fish.

Me: Do you want the same type of fish?

Customer: yes

(I weight the new fish and about to put the fish in a plastic bag before she can say)

Customer: I want the fish wrapped in paper.

Me: Okay, (I walk over to the meat department because we do not have a paper wrapper as soon as I am done I give her her fish)

Customer: May I have your name?

ME: yes( in the back of my mind I knew if I said my name I would get the hit so I used a made up name)

ME: my name is Joseph

(the customer next to the case loudly says)

Customer 2: She was a F***** idiot.

(I nearly died)

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