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, | Unfiltered | January 13, 2018

My dad had gone out into town for a drink and to read his book. He was gone for a while.

I was just sitting at my computer when the doorbell rang. I didn’t recognise who it was but he had brought my dad home after finding him fallen somewhere on the ground. He had broken his glasses, gashed his face, bashed his wrist and cut his arm.

Probably out of shock, none of us in the house asked many details, as we quickly got him to A&E. He’s being checked as I type this, looking at least a little better than when he arrived home.

I just want to thank that stranger who saw a man who needed help and decided to do just that. I don’t know if we’d have even known about the fall if he hadn’t.

Good people do exist, and I hope more people will at least try to help even if they don’t quite know how, even you!

Thanks, again, to that kind stranger.