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I’m in my early 20’s, visiting my family in my hometown, and need to make a run to the local convenience store/pharmacy one day. It just so happens that in this small-ish store, condoms/lubricants, etc. are directly next to the section of feminine hygiene products.

As I’m picking out a box of tampons, I remember that I need to pick up something else, and look over my shoulder to see where it is in the store. As I do, I see a store employee, a woman in her 50’s, watching me intently, and then suddenly looking away when I look at her. I find it strange, and at first think that she suspects me of stealing. When I turn back to the shelves, I can see out of my peripheral vision that she’s watching me with a strange look on her face, and it dawns on me that she thinks she’s watching me pick out condoms. I pick up some tampons and leave the aisle.

When I get to the register a few minutes later, this woman is now cashiering. She rings up my items and sees that I haven’t picked up any condoms.

Cashier: Honey, did I see you looking at condoms?

Me: Condoms? No, I was looking at tampons. *taps the box of tampons she just rung up*

Cashier: Oh, honey, it’s okay. I know you saw me looking, I’m afraid I must have scared you off.

(At this point, and elderly couple has lined up behind me, and I’m a bit embarrassed to have the cashier asking me about condoms in front of them.)

Me: No, really, it’s okay, that’s not what I was looking for. I got everything I needed.

Cashier: *louder now, and with kind of a strange smile* But every young woman needs to be safe! Condoms are important! I’d feel better if I knew you were protecting yourself. Are you sure you don’t want to go grab some?

Me: Really. It’s okay.

Cashier: *frowning* Alright then.

I quickly pay and leave. I understand the sentiment behind her pushiness, but if you really want someone to feel comfortable buying something like condoms from you, I don’t think staring at them like an animal in the zoo is the way to go about it.

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