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| Unfiltered | January 11, 2018

It’s just another day working at a print shop when a customer using a self service copier looks alarmed.

Customer: What the heck!

Me (approaching the customer): Is there something I can do to help?

Customer: Your copier is cursing at me!

Me (I take a second to process this unusual statement): I’m sorry? How is it cursing at you?

I start to look at the copier’s display, wondering if there was an error she may be misconstruing as cursing when she shows me the copy she just made. It’s a bunch of receipts, but inbetween each receipt, there are curse words and other letters randomly spread around.

I look at the copier and where she’s placed them on the scanner bed and see nothing. Suddenly, I remember that the previous customer to use this machine was making cut and paste handbills that were rather “rude” and look at the underside of the copier’s lid. Because the customer had placed on the scanner bed their original pasted copy before it had completely dried, parts of it had stuck to the lid and ninja’d their way onto this customer’s copies.

Luckily, once I discovered the issue and moved her to a new copier, we both had a good laugh about the rowdy and uncouth copier while I cleaned it up.

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