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At the time I was working at a coffee shop where all the supervisors were really snotty teenagers who did a lot of standing around and delegating.

Customer: “Excuse me! You need to make new coffee.”

Me: “I just put it out ten minutes ago. Is it empty already?”

Customer: “No, it’s ice cold!”

I give the supervisor a puzzled look and she rolls her eyes. Supervisor: “Whatever. Just make a new pot.”

Me.: “Hold on. I would have to dump out fresh coffee to make new coffee. Let’s see what’s going on here.”

The customer marches over to the coffee urn and pulls the handle, letting out a small trickle. “See! It’s cold!”

I test it, and it’s room temperature. I dump the small amount from his cup in the trash and then pull the handle again, and lo and behold, a steaming cup of coffee pours forth.

Me, pointing to the time card on the pot. “See, this was made just ten minutes ago. These insulated pots can keep it hot for an hour at least.”

Customer, not placated. “Then how come it was cold just a moment ago?!”

Me: “The urn is insulated, the spigot isn’t. I think you just based it off the little bit of coffee that was trapped in the pipe. It’s just a thin plastic tube so it would cool quickly.”

Customer: “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would it cool more quickly than the rest of the coffee?”

Supervisor, laughing: “Yeah, what?”

I took a deep breath and explained once again the difference between double wall steel insulation and a thin plastic tube while they both give me incredulous looks.

Customer, rolling his eyes. “Well that doesn’t make any sense, but at least I had coffee so you couldn’t put me to sleep with all that gobbledegook.”

Supervisor, smirking: “That was really overly complicated.”

Me: “Yeah, no, not really.”

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