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| Unfiltered | January 11, 2018

I work at a pizza place and on my second day there we got a new AM who was really nice at first but we started to get really busy and as he got more stressed he got more…not nice. Everybody I’d met there so far was really patient with answering my questions or helping me but he was just really passive aggressive about it and with it being my second day and so busy I was starting to get really really overwhelmed. Customers would start yelling at me on the phone about their deliveries being late and I would literally apologize like 12 times with my voice breaking which almost always made them stop yelling (I’m really young so it was pretty pitiful)

This lady came in and waited for her pizza for like 30 minutes and was getting irritated so I was like “hold on ma’am I’ll go look for it now” and I went to the oven to see if it was there and when I asked the manager he snapped at me and the customer heard it and was immediately yelling at him “NO YOU CANNOT BE TALKING TO HER LIKE THAT” and he was yelling back that it was none of her business and the whole time I was like “nono ma’am that’s okay I’m alright” but she was not having it. She asked for my name and my friend’s name (another kid. There were two of us teenage CSRs and the manager there) and the manager’s name which I didnt know so ue gave her a fake one and didnt tell me until after she left. He then proceeded to apologize to me for the rest of the night that I had to deal with such a difficult customer and I just didnt reply.

Later when I answered the phone it was thr GM and he told me not to leave until he gor there because he had to talk to me (he added that it was nothing bad when he heard the worry in my voice. I was really stressed.) Turns out the customer from earlier called corporate and his boss called him about it so he had to call her and apologize. He told me she was livid. He also basically told me that I never have to take that from anyone there and next time someone yells at me to let him know.

We both assumed that the customer was a mother so seeing my manager yelling at me really upset her.