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, | Unfiltered | January 10, 2018

I was in the ER waiting to be treated for a severe migraine with EXTREME nausea.

In the next cubicle was a man who apparently had a blockage in his digestive system. He was also, from what we overheard, an obsessive over-eater. A stomach pump had just begun when I was shown to my cubicle. I was very happy not to have been an “ear-witness” to the tube insertion! Little did I know . . .

Female in next cubicle: Oh, look! There’s a jelly bean! And that must be the chicken from dinner!

She continued describing every morsel being pumped from his overfull stomach. My nausea increased to the point that I vomited on the floor near the curtain. She wasn’t as excited about seeing what I had eaten. It stopped her narrative, though.

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