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| Unfiltered | January 9, 2018

I am driving home after a family birthday party, the trip is about an hour and a half so I have the radio on and am singing along. My daughter usually tells me to turn the radio down as she usually listens to her music with headphones and doesn’t talk. She removes the headphones.

Daughter “That song, isn’t it from a movie?”

Me “Probably, I can’t think of which one right now”. We listen for a little longer, I realise which movie and am about to say the name.

Daughter *excitedly “Oh, it’s from Shrek”

Me “I did think that” *The next song starts playing.

Daughter “That’s from Shrek too”

*My car radio puts up the name of the next song for the particular station we are listening to and she spends the rest of the trip home asking about the song, if they are from movies etc. It’s probably the longest conversation we’ve had on a drive, all started with my 25 year old daughter getting excited over hearing a song that was in Shrek

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