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| Unfiltered | January 9, 2018

I spend a week abroad with a couple I hardly know. The point was to go to see a certain special concert, plus some extra days ‘vacation.’ Turns out, the couple and me don’t get along at all, they are plain rude, selfish and all we do is fight. (The stories of that alone could fill several pages of NotAlwaysFriendly). On our last day I notice my fingers have swollen badly. I mention it and they dismiss it as some allergic reaction to something, but still I worry; the swelling is really bad and I can’t get my rings of my fingers anymore.
Fast forward a week later, I’m back home and start coughing up blood. I call my GP, who sends me to the hospital ER right away. I rush there, stressed out because I’m actually not told what could be the problem, only that it’s an emergency. (rushing and stressing was actually VERY dangerous, I get to that later)
Some tests later it appears I have pulmonary embolism, and I have to stay 3 days. The doc comes to see me and asks if I am planning on flying anytime soon.

me: “No, but I just recently came back from a trip. By plane.”

doc: “Wait, when was that?”

me: “A week ago. Oh, but while I was abroad my fingers started to swell too. Does that have anything to do with my condition?”

doc: “Wait.. you had symptoms BEFORE you boarded an airplane? the reason why I ask is because with a blood clot stuck behind your lungs it could easily shoot to your heart or brain because of the cabin pressure.”

me: “So flying was actually dangerous for me at the time?”

Doc: “Honestly, I’m suprised to see you alive. Its absolutely PROHIBITED to fly with pulmonary embolism. Medically speaking, you should have been dead.”

me: “….. yay for being alive then?”

Also turns out: the cause for the embolism was primarily because of my birth control pills, but eventually triggered by heavy stress. I’d like to have seen the look of that nasty couple’s faces if i had told them their douchebaggery could have potentially killed me…