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I take a phone call at the front desk for my boss. I answer as normal with our business name and my name.

Caller: Yeah, can you connect me to [Boss’s Name] please?
Me: Of course, may I tell her who’s calling please?
Caller: Jim.
Me: *I wait a second, thinking he’s going to add a business name, etc. as callers normally do* Okay, and can I tell her where you’re calling from?
Caller: It’s Jim.
Me: Ookay then, hold for a moment and I’ll transfer you. *I put him on hold and ring in to my boss’s office*
Me: [Boss’s Name], I have a ‘Jim’ on the phone for you. He doesn’t seem to want to share where he’s from or why he’s calling.
Boss: You can just put it to voicemail.
Me: Will do! *I hang up with her and go back to the caller*
Me: I’m sorry, it looks like she’s not in her office right now. Can I give you her voice mail?
Caller: No! Did you tell her it’s her husband?!
Me: *headtilt* No? Her husband’s name is not Jim…
Caller: *hangs up*
Me: What the h***…?

Later, I relayed the story to my boss and we both had a good laugh over it.