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To put this story in perspective i am around 8 years old, I am from England and this is my first time visiting the USA so I had no idea that tax was added on after the sale. I am waiting to catch my flight home to the UK and decide to use the last of my money to buy a magazine for the flight. i pick up a magazine that says $3 on the shelf i go to the counter with three dollar bills.

Employee: (scans the magazine) that will be $3.25
Me: oh i only have $3 on me but I’ve got change do i have what you need (holds out a handful of coins)
Employee: why do you only have $3 on you when you should know that tax is added on afterwards?
Me: i don’t know what tax is but its okay i’ll put the magazine back
Employee: typical foreigner always trying to weasel out of paying taxes
(at this point i’m getting nervous cause theres a line and i only have the $3 on me. this is when someone steps in to save the day)
Customer #1: leave the kid alone he’s not from here and he wont know about taxes at his age, ill pay the extra .25 cents so he can have it (reaches for his wallet)
Employee: no more americans shouldn’t be paying for for foreigners he wants it he has to pay for it or ill call security
Me:(nearly in tears at this point) please don’t call security ill see if my Mum has the money i’m really sorry
Customer #1: no you dont need to (hands employee a $5 and tells me to go back to my mum)
Employee: no this little punk should pay for himself
(at this point the line was fairly long so the manager came over to see what was going on, after customer #1 explained he said i should just go back to my mum, the next thing i heard was the manager shouting at the employee for making a little kid cry when a customer had offered the money)

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