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Unfiltered | January 7, 2018

My friend and I have been shopping all afternoon and decide to stop by this restaurant that has both an indoor and an outdoor seating area. We choose to sit outside as we’re both smokers, but our table has a perfect view of the indoors area.
Keep in mind this is around 5:30pm, from what we could see the restaurant had around ten waiters working, and less than a quarter of the tables are filled.
We place our orders. Our drinks take nearly 20 minutes to arrive, 30 minutes after that my friend’s salad arrives, and another 20 minutes after that, my entree arrives.
Me: I’m sorry, that’s not what I ordered.
I ordered their house burger, which had a beef patty, and they brought me a completely different chicken sandwich.
Waiter: Oh, what did you order?
I repeat my order to him, which I placed just as it is on the menu with no adjustments.
Waiter: Okay, we’ll bring you the correct burger in ten minutes.
I thank him and he walks away. He does not apologize for the mistake, or the ridiculously long wait time, but I shrug it off and continue being polite.
I see him talking to the manager in the indoors area, pointing towards us and whispering, which I can clearly see through the glass divider.
When another 30 minutes pass, I flag down our waiter.
Me: Excuse me, but my entree is very late. Do you think you could check on what’s taking it so long?
Waiter: Yeah, it’s our lunch rush so the kitchen is pretty backed up. I’ll see what I can do.
I smile and thank him, but my friend and I give each other a what the f*** look as we look around the mostly empty restaurant.
Keep in mind at this point we’ve been seated for an hour and a half, my friend has finished her food, and we were still waiting on mine to arrive. I was starving, and couldn’t even nibble on her food since I’m allergic to the shrimp on her salad.
The manager then walks out of the kitchen, with the previous incorrect order that was delivered to me and tries to give it to me again.
Manager: I’m sorry for the delay, Miss. Here you go.
Me: Sorry, but that’s the order I sent back thirty minutes ago. As I said, I ordered a beef burger.
The manager then shrugs, takes the plate off the table, proceeds to go to the indoors area, sit on a table opposite to ours where we could see him perfectly well, and proceeds to eat the incorrect order without a care in the world.
At this point, I’m rightfully frustrated.
During the next 20 minute period, I see that almost every order being sent out of the kitchen is the burger I’ve initially ordered. Finally, mine arrives. Two full hours after we have been seated.
The waiter sets it down without as much as an apology for the two hour wait, and walks away immediately after.
I take a bite of the burger only to find that half the toppings are missing, the patty is not even well-done, it’s completely burnt and dry, and the side of coleslaw tasted like they used ranch for the dressing. The dish’s only saving grace was the fries, which were actually pretty good. I take a few bites of my sandwich and can’t manage anymore because of how dry it is.
At this point, I have no option but to ask for the manager.
Manager: Miss, I’m sorry for the mistake with your first meal. I hope the fixed entree is better?
Me: Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but I didn’t mind the initial mistake too much. What I do mind, though, is that I had to wait two hours to be served a dry, burnt burger, missing half its toppings, with a messed up coleslaw, and the fact that the employees’ attitude about this has been far from accommodating and apologetic.
He then asks if I’d like my order remade again since they can’t give refunds or comp the meal, and I simply ask for the bill since I was done with their shit. That, miraculously, arrived within a minute along with our waiter asking us to fill out their customer satisfaction survey.
I rolled my eyes and asked him if he really wanted me to do that, which made him go into this whole speech about how they request this of every customer and he would not let me leave the establishment unsatisfied, only for him to take the survey and bill after we’ve paid, and smile at us as we walked out.