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| Unfiltered | January 6, 2018

I am helping out at another of our locations, packing up as they have closed down. There are quite a few staff in the store, the only way for us to leave is by the main door which has a roller door that is three quarters closed. We have boxes everywhere and am emptying shelves of stock into them. I look up to see a woman crawling under the door.

Me “Excuse me, I’m sorry but we are closed”

Woman “But I only want one thing”

Me “No, we’re closed, I need to ask you to leave”

Woman “I only want one thing, I know where it is”

Me “No, I’m sorry but we are closed as in closed down, you need to please leave”

Woman “But I know exactly what I want and where it is, I won’t be a moment”

Me “No, you have to leave we are closed down, we are no longer trading, you can’t buy anything”

Woman “I know where it is”

Me “You have to leave”

She starts walking away from me into the shop, again I stop her and ask her to leave.

Woman *looking around at the empty shelves “Oh are you closed?”

Me “Yes, Please go back out the door”

Woman “But it’s mostly closed how do I get out?”

Me “The same way you got in, go under it”

She leaves and I hear my name called by the Area Manager.

Area Manager “(My Name), what was that about?”

Me “Um, she wanted to shop”

Area Manager “You did that more politely than I would have, good job”.

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