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I ordered a package for Christmas that was scheduled to be delivered by Thursday, December 21st. Sadly, it doesn’t come. On Saturday, the 23rd, I get a pink pickup slip in my mailbox which essentially tells me to pick up the package whenever the post office is open. Unfortunately for me, my post office closes early on SaturdaySunday (the 24th) and Monday (the 25th), the post office is closed. I am away on Tuesday (the 26th) visiting family for Christmas. Here’s what happens when I try to pick up my package on Wednesday (the 27th). I go in around 2:45 p.m. I have to wait about ten minutes before getting to the counter.

Worker: “Hi, Welcome to ____ Post Office. My name is ___. How can I help you?”
Me: “Hi, I need to pick up a package.” *I then hand her my license and package slip*
Worker: “Okay, great!”
*She then disappears in the back room for ten minutes. She comes back and tells an older man who I think is a manager that she can’t find my package. She completely ignores me and they both disappear into the back room. After another ten minutes, they both come back.*

Manager: “Okay, so I currently have two workers in the back looking for your package. We can’t find it right now. We’re going to contact the driver to see if he took it with him.”
Me: “Okay, how long should that take? I’ve already been here for twenty minutes and there’s a line out the door.”
Manager: “Just wait a little while, no longer than five minutes.”
*He rushes off to a side office*
Me: “Okay then.”
* I am currently waiting off to the side so other people can be helped*

After waiting another ten minutes, the manager comes back with another worker that I recognize from previous package pickups. The other worker has always been very courteous and helpful. It is now almost 3:30.

Second Worker: “Okay, so we have two guys searching the back room for your package. There are a lot of packages back there from the holidays.”
*First Worker comes over and interrupts him*

First Worker: “Okay, honey, I am so sorry but we don’t know where your package is. I copied your packaging slip. I need you to leave your name, phone number and address. We’re going to contact the carrier again because the manager didn’t get in touch with them the first time. We’re also going to call the driver again. He probably took it for delivery.”
Me: “Okay, how is it possible that a package that was supposed to arrive last Thursday is now missing after I got a packaging slip on Saturday?”
First Worker: “Well, it happens.”
Second Worker *glaring at First Worker*: “Miss, I’m so incredibly sorry. I know you’ve had package delivery issues before. We will get this resolved some way. Please, just give us some time to try to find your package. It’s either here in the jumble of packages or was accidentally sent out for delivery. It’s not acceptable, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”
First Worker: “Jeez, way to suck up.” *eye roll*
Me: “Okay, first of all, thank you *addressed to Second Worker* for at least trying to do your best even if you weren’t originally involved and doing your best with customer satisfaction. As for you, *addressing the First Worker* are you kidding me? I’ve been here for almost an hour now waiting for a package that was supposed to arrive before Christmas, but has somehow disappeared and you’re giving him grief for being sympathetic, even if it is “customer service sympathy? Seriously? In the meantime, here is my name, phone numbers and address. I’m going to check up again at the end of the week. I’m hoping you will have some information by then.”
Second Worker: “Thanks for your patience, again I’m sorry about this.”
First Worker: “We’ll call you, honey!”

*I’m still waiting for any update at all! I’ve contacted the seller to let them know what was going on and their records show that the package was brought to the post office. It’s all on them now.*

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