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(I am one of two people who do the book keeping for my work location. Due to regional management noticing that we are not recording something right we are being watched very closely even though the error was innocent it had been going on for some time. I get an email asking about my justification on signing off on the tills being short by $25 the previous day. I email back my justification to my Department Manager, his assistant, loss prevention and my GM. About five minutes later:)

Department Manager: *sitting with our boss* “Hey [My Name], can I talk to you really fast?”

Me: “Sure.”

Department Manager: “So this amount we are short could it be because of money earmarked in safe?”

(The earmarked money is for a change request and can’t interact with the tills. By some fluke the amount matches the amount short in the tills.)

Me: “No that has nothing to do with the tills. The earmarked money is only going to show up when I count the safe.”

Department Manager: “Are you sure cause it seems to be a perfect match.”

Me: “Nope there is literally no way as my safe count balances it can’t be it.”

Department Manager: “Okay, if you’re sure. But it seems like that is where the money is cause you know it’s to perfect a match up.”

Me: “Okay, well I gotta go set things up for the day.”

Department Manager: “Okay but you can see how the money matches.”

(My department manager never said a thing and I still think the ADM thinks I was lying to cover my own butt. I have been doing this part of my job since Oct. both of them came in three months ago and have never tried to do any book keeping. If you ask my professional opinion then please accept my professional judgment at face value.)

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