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(I work in gold course maintenance. After a day of working out in the sun, my group and I are walking back to our maintenance barn. A car we don’t recognize comes zooming out of the yard, coming at us. It stops and a heavy set guy has his music up loud and is banging his head along with it, He is also yelling.)

Guy: “H*** Yea! I start tomorrow you guys! I’m gonna be your new best friend! This is going to be awesome! YEAH!”

)We all look at him, thinking “Really?” We can’t imagine this guy in the hot Texas sun for very long.)

Guy: “Yeah! It’s gonna be AWESOME! I can’t wait! See you guys tomorrow!”

(We get back to the barn and ask our boss if what the guy said was true.)

Boss: “Yeah he was so excited to be working here; just kept going on and on about how great it was going to be.”

(We never saw him again.)