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(It is Christmas Day and I’m up in the mountains at my Uncle’s house like every year. The area usually didn’t get snow until after Christmas but it is the second year they got some early therefore only my second time being in it. The first was just a thin layer of ice but this year it’s piles of the soft, dry snow so I’m outside playing in it and taking pictures. Eventually my mom comes out to walk with me and take pictures herself. This happens at a house about two down from my Uncle’s.)

Me: *walks past the house with my mom to show her a tree naturally decorated with icicles that’s on the corner of the road*

Neighbor: *sitting on her porch smoking a cigarette, her two dogs are running around the yard and of course start barking as we pass. In a scolding tone* “shut the f**k up.”

(We walk and takes pictures for about twenty minutes. It’s starting to get dark and I still wanted to try building a snowman so we head back towards the house. The woman and dogs are still outside and of course they start barking again. I wanted to hurry past because I know how frustrating it is when your dogs bark constantly but mom makes me stop to take a picture therefore they keep barking.)

Neighbor: *in unison with the man inside* “SHUT THE F**K UP. SHUT THE F**K UP NOW.”

Man: *from the kitchen window* “What’s going on out there?!”

(By this time we’re hurrying past.)

Woman: *puffs her cigarette then into the window bitterly and not exactly quiet* “I’ll tell you the f**k what. Some goddamn moron people are standing in front of my f**king house!”

Mom: *has had enough and stops* “Excuse me?”

Neighbor: “I wasn’t f**king talking to you!”

Mom: “Now, you were talking about people in front of your house. Therefore you were talking about us.”

Neighbor: “Just mind your own f**king business, lady!”

Mom: “You were talking about US and we can hear you.”


(As we walk away I can still hear her repeatedly muttering “f**k you.”)

Mom: *shaking her head in disbelief, whispering* “Well, Merry Christmas to you too…”

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