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(I work at a sporting goods store and our fitness department will have a few displays of punching bags. Since the punching bags are for display purposes only, we discourage customers from punching the punching bags for they could fall down because of loose screws. A customer’s son is punching a punching bag pretty hard)

Me: Can you not punch that please? The punching bags are for display purposes only.

Customer #1: He’s just testing it out. Isn’t that why they are there?

Me: They are for display purposes only.

(I walk to the register because I have a customer waiting to be rung up.)

Customer #1: (as she walks out the door with kids following behind) Well then I guess they don’t want to sell anything to us.

Customer #2 that’s at the register: (turns to me talking about customer #1) It’s common sense, lady. She didn’t have to b**** about it.
(he really made my day. :D)