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| Unfiltered | December 31, 2017

I go into my local publix to by some last minute stuff before they close after i collect all my snacks for the next day cause my mom has to be at the hospital with my grandma i go to the cashier.note: i am a regular.

me:hey watsup

cashier: o hey nothin much

me: yeah same here just came to get some last minute snacks

cashier:i see that

He finishes scanning all the items and it comes out at about 37 dollars and some change i scan one of my cards to use the rest of the money on it then then the rest of the money is $19.87 i swipe my second to finish the purchase it doesnt go through

me: here ill put this back

i hand him the pot pies

cashier ok ill take it off…ok now try again.

luckily it went through he hands me my reciept and as i start to walk out i see my friend who works there from school him and i start chatting and one of the employees a very nice lady brings me a bag with the pot pies i had just taken off the list lady: here you go

me: i had to take these off the list

lady:i know i think the person behind you paid for them

me: if they are still there please tell them i said thank you very much

as she walks away my friend and i finish our chat and i feel weird because when people offee to buy me things or help me i say no cause it makes me feel bad but if that man or women ever read this i know its a weird thing but thank you so very much for helping me out it shows that there is still some good left in this world