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(I’m a cashier at Walmart who also doubles as a worker at the customer service desk from time to time. Since it’s the holidays, I’m at the service desk even more than usual. For those of you who don’t know, Walmart’s return policy for those who don’t have a receipt is to have anyone returning something worth more than $10 to present ID in place of the receipt and put the money on a gift card to be spent in the store.)

Customer: *comes to the service desk with a sweatshirt missing the tag* Morning!

Me: Good morning, how are you?

Customer: I’m good, I just need to return this. It didn’t fit.

Me: *Locates the UPC on the tag* Alright, do you have your receipt?

Customer: ..No…Does that mean I can’t return the shirt?

Me: Not necessarily. If you have a picture ID on you, I can put the license number in place of the receipt.

Customer: …Why? I don’t feel like I should be penalized for returning a shirt.

Me: You’re not being penalized, I promise. Store policy just calls for the ID number in place of the receipt if you don’t have it.

Customer: Whatever. *Literally throws ID on the desk.* I don’t care, punish me.

Me: *Loads money on gift card, types in ID number, and prints out receipt for her to sign* Fair enough, I’ll just need you to sign this for the refund.

Customer: …Seriously? Was my ID not good enough for you?

Me: It’s fine for me, Ma’am. However, I don’t control–

Customer: Just shut up. *Signs paper, snatches card and balance receipt out of my hand, then promptly storms off*