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(I am a door greeter for a lesser known home improvement warehouse. We cater to contractors, and try to have relaxed rules to keep them happy. One of those relaxed policies is that we allow any and all dogs in our store. It is my first week, and I’ve noticed a customer walk in with a dog.)

Me: “Hello, welcome! What a cutie!”

Customer: “Aw, thanks!” (To dog:) “We were complimented!”

Me: (To a coworker) “We allow dogs right?”

Coworker: “Yeah. It’s not like they ever cause any trouble.”

(Hardly five minutes later, a man comes in with an overweight, sickly looking weiner dog with crusty fur.)

Me: “Hello!”

Customer: “Euh, hey.”

(The man and his dog barely make it past the registers before the dog defecates all over the floor, much to the horror of everyone nearby. The man cleans it up with a paper towel, then hands in a small item to our cashier.)

Customer: “Just this.”

Coworker: (practically gagging) “Uhh.. o-okay.”

(after the customer leaves)

Me: “What’s wrong? I thought he cleaned it up!”

Coworker: “He did.. but didn’t wash his hands.. and he got crap on the scanner!”

(It was a miserable time for everyone. Thankfully, nothing that gross has happened since! We still allow dogs!)

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