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(In the area I work and live in, there are quite a few colleges nearby. I commute to one that is further away. During the summer, I am working more to earn money to pay for college. During this time, I meet a customer who comes through every weekday, asking for an iced tea each time.)

Customer: You’re here all the time, aren’t you?

Me: *laughs* I’m just working as much as I can before school starts.

Customer: Oh? At the high school?

Me: Nope, college.

Customer: At (closest college)?

Me: No, I’m going to (college farther away).

Customer: Oh. Well, if you need to do any research, do make a stop at the library at (closest college)!

(It turned out that she was a librarian there! She liked how friendly and dedicated I was at work and told me that she would wait for me if I transferred or went to graduate school at the university.)

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