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I work in a small food store where we sell all prepackaged food. I have just started my shift when a customer and her husband come to the registers.

Me: Hello, how are you today?

They both ignore me, so I scan their items. The woman stands there staring blankley and her husband is putting their purchases in his bag. He drops a box of muesli bars on the ground, he quickly picks them up and throw them at me.

Customer: I’ll take another box of these now!

Me: Please don’t throw items at me, it’s not very nice.

Customer: I demand another box of these now! They fell on the floor! Get me an uncontaminated box!

Me: Sir, the muesli bars are perfectly fine. They are individually wrapped inside the box and then have the box layer around that so the food  is fine!

Customer: Listen mate! I don’t eat c**p that has hit the floor now f****** get me another box!

With that another customer who has been waiting behind them steps in.

Customer 2: Listen, you dropped the box, which is fine by the way. Then you assault him by throwing the box at him and now you cause a scene! Do you want me to get his manager so you can be escorted out of the store?

With that customer 1 and his wife abruptly leave and mumble profanities under their breath as they go. Customer 2 apologized to me on their behalf and asked me if I was ok. When I came to work the next day  I found out that customer 1 and his wife had done the same thing to my co-worker.

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