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[A regular comes in one morning. She’s always rude and short, but orders the same thing so we can usually satisfy her. However this week, we’ve ran out of the particular cream she likes to have with her cake. My colleague takes her order.]

Employee: I’m very sorry but we have no creme fraiche at the moment. I can offer you single cream, or ice cream.

Customer: Ice cream.

[I’ve overheard this, as I was expecting her to kick up a fuss and was listening in, ready to go into supervisor mode]

Employee: Lovely, I’ll bring that right over.

[She makes the cake with requested ice cream, and coffee, takes over. Customer ignores her as she places food on table. 2 minutes later, I am called over.]

Customer: What is THIS (points to ice cream)

Me: That’s ice cream. As [employee name] let you know, we have no creme fraiche at the moment.

Customer: Oh no no NO. Take it away. I really HATE ice cream.

Me: (even though I clearly heard her say it) Okay, well sorry for that. I can get you a new slice with cream if you’d like?

Customer: No. Why are you throwing these things at me? I want CREME FRAICHE

Me: I’m sorry but as [employee name] said, we don’t have any. I can offer it plain, or with cream.

Customer: Urgh. Fine. I’ll just have it on its own. But I’m not happy! And don’t you dare just scrape the ice cream off. I HATE ice cream.

Me: No problem, I’ll sort that out right away.

Customer: [shouts across the room as I walk away] And get me a FORK, take this SPOON away from me.

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