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(In our restaurant there is a desk with our computer on the opposite side of the entrance. We generally greet people from this desk when they come in. Our restaurant is small, so it’s not hard to hear us from across the room).

*customers walk in*

Me: “Hello folks! Have a seat wherever you’d like.”

*Customers stand there looking like deer in the headlights*

Me: “Y’all can sit wherever you’d like.”

(They stand around a bit more. I’m not allowed to choose their seat when I work with another waitress because we have sections, so as to reduce competition between waitresses, we let the customers sit wherever).

Me: *smiling* “Have a seat folks!”

*Customers move forward, looking like they are going to sit down at a booth, so I grab menus. Instead they go up to the desk*

Customers: “So…do we order up here or sit down?”

Me: (stifling my impatience) “You are welcome to sit wherever you would like. I will be with you in just one moment.”

(This happens multiple times a day).