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(I’m actually the customer in this story that took place when I was in the 2nd grade. A local bookstore had come to our school and had various books and products available for purchase during a special event out school was hosting. I was very young and I walked up to the person doing the transactions with 2 items in my hands. One was a book for roughly $7 and the other was a special book that came with a toy for roughly $22, and there was a Buy one Get on special on all items.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like to buy this-” gesturing to the $7 book, “and get this free.” raising the $22 item.

Cashier: “Oh I’m sorry honey, I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. You have to buy the more expensive one to get the cheaper one for free.”

Me: “Oh, I guess I won’t get these then.”

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