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(I work in a college bookstore where and we are working on shelving books for the fall semester. Two girls come into the store, one is blind and being led by the other.)

Me: Hello, Can we help you?

Leading girl: Yes we were hoping we could get her books for the next semester.

Assist. Mgr: Does she have her book list?

Leading girl: No but I know the books I had the same courses before. We need [book #1], [book #2] and Visualizing Physiology.

(The transaction goes smoothly from here and I return to my shelving, but I had to bite my tougne to not risk insulting the blind girl by saying, “Please tell me that the irony of the third title is not lost on you guys.” This is not intended to be an insult to the visually impaired, but irony just doesn’t get much better than this.)