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(It’s a cold night in Dublin. My friend and I were preparing for our 3rd year marching with Santa Clara Vanguard, a drum corps where we spend three months in the summer marching and performing a show with 12-15 hour rehearsals out in the hot sun every day. Since the season is fast approaching, my friend and I are preparing for the physically strenuous season by going to our local supermarket. We have special workout cards, where we write down the workouts that we do in the season. We keep them in our wallets so that we can get in a regimen of them the months leading up to the tour. Also, since the season is almost upon us, we’re wearing our merchandise shirts that we receive for being part of the corps. My friend is buying the chicken for the salad that we’re going to have for dinner, and I’m looking at the lettuce and spinach in the next aisle. Note that he is considerably smaller than me, but still very strong and can endure a lot physically. However, a customer recognizes our corps merchandise.)

Customer: “I see you’re part of a high school band.”

Friend: “Actually, it’s drum corps, which is a lot harder than band. Also, I’m currently studying at UC Berkeley.”

Customer: “Who cares? All of you are just nerds that walk around blowing air into instruments. My five-year-old daughter could do that!” *smirks*

(The customer continues to rant on and on about how it didn’t take any physical strength to do band over the summer and that practically anyone could do it. My friend really loves the activity and I can see his expression change into sadness and a little bit of anger.)

Friend: “Perhaps you’d like to take this up with my friend in the lettuce aisle.”

Customer: “Another scrawny nerd? No problemo.”

Friend: “[My Name], can you come here really quickly?”

(I had partially overheard their conversation, but I didn’t know exactly what was going on. I go over to their aisle. The customer is a burly guy, but I was matched to his size. I happen to have gained biceps and a six-pack from this activity, but we were wearing long-sleeved shirts. The customer couldn’t tell, so he assumed that I was just “another scrawny nerd.” He also has no idea that I also do drum corps.)

Me: “Yeah, [Friend’s Name], what’s up?”

Friend: “This man says his five-year-old daughter could do drum corps and he’s been constantly harassing me about how weak I am.”

Customer: “You couldn’t possibly agree with this nerd. He probably drinks his mother’s milk daily.”

Me: “I would really appreciate it if you could stop making fun of my friend here.”

(I pull out the corps necklace, a necklace given to every person who marches in a corps.)

Customer: “Wow, so you guys are both band nerds? You guys are so weak, I could beat you up right now!”

*he rolls up his sleeves to show me his biceps*

(My friend gets scared. He calmly backs behind me.”

Me: “Weak band nerds, are we? We don’t spend 15 hours a day in the hot sun, marching on our feet the entire day for three straight months to have some burly guy he thinks can beat us up just because he has biceps.”

*I roll down my sleeves to show that my biceps are bigger than his. He starts whimpering a little bit as I inch towards him.*

Customer: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know… I thought you guys were just dorks who have nothing better to do… I’m really sorry.”

Me: I would show you our abs, but I don’t think we’ll fight someone who just won’t learn from it. If I see you bullying anyone again, I will not hesitate to beat you up. Now get out of here before I start now. In fact, would you like to see our workout cards, which we do daily to ensure that we’re fit enough for the activity?”

Customer: “No… No… I think I’m good.”

(He practically runs out of the store. When the season started again, we told this story multiple times to our corps friends and we found out that one of our local friends had the same man harass him, but he didn’t do anything about it. We agreed to put this all behind us and concentrate on the task at hand, which was working hard to produce a great show.)