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(From my first period at age 12, I have been having horrible pain with each menstruation. Several months later, the pain is so bad that I can’t stand. My mother is alarmed and takes me to the ED. They suspect appendicitis and operate, only to find a healthy appendix. I am referred to a gynaecologist.)
Gynaecologist: So I hear you’ve had a bit of a sore tummy, huh?
Me: Yes – it really hurts, and I –
Gynaecologist: Now, *my name*. You’re grown up now. This is part of being a woman, you just have to put up with it, alright? Take some paracetamol when the pain starts and get on with it, alright?
(I’m embarrassed to have caused such a fuss and take what he says to heart. For the next 12 years I put up with horrendous, increasing pain, assuming all women went through it. Every cycle, without fail, I would spend a minimum of 12 hours in such pain I was vomiting. It got so I was in pain all the time, even when I wasn’t menstruating. Finally, at 25, I had an epic period of 17 days’ vomit-worthy pain. My parents convince me to go to the ED in my new city where I live.
The ED doctors gave me a high dose of morphine and checked for acute problems, then referred me to a gynaecologist. I was already convinced that this one would think I was wasting his time, too, and began rehearsing apologies. Finally, I met the new gynaecologist.)
Gynaecologist 2: So I hear you’ve been sore?
Me: Yes… *describes situation*
Gynaecologist 2: Can I feel your stomach? Hmm. Ok, I’m not going to, but if I pressed hard, would it hurt?
Me: Yes.
Gynaecologist 2: *taking his hand away* Does it hurt NOW?
Me: Yes.
(The gynaecologist went a little grim and told me that I needed an operation immediately. He fit me in the following week and ended up excising a LOT of tissue. It turned out that I had a condition that caused infertility if it was untreated, and the main symptom was immense pain. Luckily, the disease hadn’t yet damaged my tubes so I can still conceive naturally. With medication to manage ovulation and possibly more operations should the tissue regrow, I should be completely healthy. Most importantly, I’m not in constant pain. How lucky that I found a doctor who knew that ‘women troubles’ was no longer a proper medical diagnosis!)

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