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(I have just started a front desk job at a hotel. I’m working with a senior front desk associate, and a maintenance man who is meant to double as security. Late one night I hear screaming coming from around the corner and there are sounds of violence. My coworker is positioned to see around the corner, and when the noises stop she turns to me.)

Coworker: *wide-eyed* That lady just threw her phone at her husband and started clawing him in the face before full on decking him. Right in front of her 4-year-old kid! No wonder they cut her off at the bar if she’s that kind of drunk.

Me: Shouldn’t we do something about that? Like call Security or something? I mean, if they have a little kid with them she could be in danger.

Coworker: I mean, if you want to get involved you can. Security probably won’t care since they’re in their room now.

(I decide to call security out of concern for the child.)

Security: If they’re in their room there’s nothing I can do.

Me: Can’t you go up there and see if everything’s alright?

Security: If you’re really that concerned you can call the police, but it’s not my problem.

(I called up my supervisor who told me to go ahead and call the police. The police arrived quickly, went up to the room, and almost instantly came back with the woman in handcuffs. It turned out the Dad was visibly wounded and the child was wailing in a corner. The next day I got a call from the hotel manager.)

Manager: I heard you called the police on a guest last night?

Me: Yes, I did. *explains story*

Manager: Well, in the future I would like you to call security or a supervisor first. The woman who was arrested does very good business with us and left a very good review. We need that kind of repeat guest.

Me: I asked my coworker, I called security, AND I called a supervisor. My coworker and Security wouldn’t help, and my Supervisor said to call the police! She was abusing her husband in front of their child!

Manager: You coworker, Security, and Supervisor all say they were not involved in the situation. Besides, she was just drunk. She just needed to work it out and everything would have been fine.

(I didn’t stay there long. I am still fuming as I write this years later. I don’t care how good of a customer someone is, that does not excuse abuse!)

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